Logistic solution Logistics

Logistics is designed to control all stages of the delivery services. This service helps to solve problems such as organizing transportation, optimizing transport processes and reducing costs. Logistics consists of two applications - the web version and the mobile version.

The web version provides effective managing of work processes: placement, planning and distribution of requests, route optimization, as well as tracking and coordinating of the delivery process. Logistics mobile version is designed for couriers or other mobile workers.

The application can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.

How does it work?

Adding Requests

Requests Distribution

Delivery monitoring


Web version of Logisticks


View key options on the home screen to save time. Information is automatically updated based on the latest messages from the object.

Route planning

Employees can send photos, SOS messages or location data. Keep up to date if they need help or more information.

Route control

Adapt the application to your business needs. Create the necessary statuses; receive messages with user parameters to know what is happening on the road.

Request Report

Give employees the opportunity to authorize through a QR code. Let them scan the QR code in certain places or circumstances (for example, at the end of the route).

Mobile version of Logisticks

Request statuses and customer call

Setting the request status “confirm” / “reject” and the customer call button.

The route is always at hand

Build a route to the request through a third-party navigation program.

Detailed information about each request

Address, arrival time, volume and weight of goods, cost, etc.

Comments with photos

Send comments and photos to the dispatcher online.

Chat for contacting with the dispatcher

The ability to inform the dispatcher about possible problems associated with the execution of the request.

Simple planning process

SELECT Request

CHOOSE a vehicle

CHECK Pre-distribution of requests


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