WiaTag – turns a smartphone into a GPS tracker

The WiaTag application is designed to manage mobile personnel effectively. By accurately determining the speed and a detailed history of the object’s movement, WiaTag allows you to control and optimize the work of mobile employees.

The application is available for free download.


Usage spheres

WiaTag takes mobile staff management in any business to the next level





Courier services

Courier services



Housing and communal services

Housing and communal services

Services sector

Services sector


Current data

View key options on the home screen to save time. Information is automatically updated based on the latest messages from the object.

Data from employees

Employees can send photos, SOS messages or location data. Keep up to date if they need help or more information.

User Statuses

Adapt the application to your business needs. Create the necessary statuses; receive messages with user parameters to know what is happening on the road.

Using QR Codes

Give employees the opportunity to authorize through a QR code. Let them scan the QR code in certain places or circumstances (for example, at the end of the route).

Battery saver

Switch user modes to control battery consumption. Power saving mode allows devices to work longer.

User modes

Selecting a predefined user mode (Active / Standard / Light) or creating your own (Custom).

Remote control

Send a request to take a picture with the camera or stop work, and also remotely change the settings for managing employees.

Communication with employees

Send and receive various types of messages from employees for effective daily communication.

What do you need to start

Build your own telematics ecosystem without additional equipment. Turn your employees' smartphones into trackers

WiaTag 5 Easy Steps

  • Create an object in the Wialon system

  • Install WiaTag on your smartphone

  • Select / create user profile

  • Enter a unique device ID

  • Start monitoring!